We can help you and your medical providers put the pieces together.

We offer a variety of modalities to meet the changing needs of service delivery to the medically compromised community and their medical providers.  We can offer sessions via:

  • One to One in person sessions/consultations in office, patient’s home, or medical providers office during appointments
  • Group/Team meetings with patient and providers/caregivers as needed
  • DoxyHealth or TeleHealth depending on medical provider service delivery mode
  • Zoom virtual sessions

After serious medical injuries and/or illnesses, patients can deal with:

  • Inability to understand their medical conditions/diagnosis or how these diagnosis can affect their other systems
  • Abrupt onset or chronic pain
  • Adjustment responses (Depression, Anxiety)
  • Confusion on how to manage their new state of being
  • Difficulties understanding the various medical specialties for the physician’s they see, and which issues/symptoms are appropriate to address with each

Is help needed or beneficial for the patient in:

  • Support while navigating the stressful process of treatment and rehabilitation
  • Patient centered, compassionate guidance for yourself and family members affected or caregiving
  • Assistance with your health concerns, and detailed plan making for appropriate medical advice
  • Counseling that addresses your situation and emotional needs, can be brief consultation or ongoing as needed and depending on complexity of care